THE Pacific northwest's l' acoustics k-systems rental network provider.


Ford Audio Service, Inc provides reference quality sound reinforcement to clients ranging from hi profile corporate clients to major concert performances and award winning music festivals. 

Centrally located in the heart of the pacific northwest USA, our location allows easy access to all major markets in the Pacific Northwest region, these cities include Seattle WA, Spokane WA, Yakima WA, Portland OR, Boise ID, Billings MT, Missoula MT, and beyond.

Ford Audio Service offers world class audio systems featuring L’ Acoustics K series loudspeakers and LA-8 amplifier / controllers. Including, KARA, KUDO, ARCS, 12XT, 115XT-Hi-Q, SB28, SB18.

An array of digital mixing consoles including Avid Venue, Profile, SC-48, Yamaha PM5D-RH, M7CL-48 and LS9-32. Presonus Stuido Live and Yamaha 01V small format digital mixing consoles.